Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting Started

My husband and friends are relatively tired of hearing me talk about my insane obsession with all things knitted...and exactly how many projects I have on the needles right I thought I would start a blog...and randomly talk to myself and others :) I can link this to Ravlery I guess and others who share my insanity can relate.

I've been knitting for 2 years come August. I learned when my son was about 6 months old...then when I was pregnant with my daughter I was on semi-bedrest and needed something to keep me I picked up the pace on knitting....that was September. My love for knitting has really taken off since then. I've learned so much...self taught and I took a class at the lys.

Currently I have an obsession with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket...and many versions of I'm heading down that path. I have also found many cutsie sweater/jacket patterns that I am planning to work on for my kids for next winter.

My stash is growing....I've begun to buy yarn thinking that I will find something to make with it.... ohhhh....what a slippery slope!


Karen (Mom) said...

I wish I knew HOW to knit! I need a hobby being home with my daughter full time since July. Do you have any suggestions on where to learn or how to learn to knit??

Jenn said...

I REALLY need to get this blog going!! It was my first attempt at blogging...then the coupon craze took over :)

Knitting saved me when I was on bedrest with my second baby...I am basically self here are some thoughts :)

There is a book called Stitch and Bitch that is INCREDIBLE. I have a very difficult time learnging thins like knitting from books...but this one was great...once I figure out the basics it was even easier to move forward. There are several SnB books...but the original is the most helpful I think.

There is a website that is also incredible. They have video snips of someone actually you can see their hands they explain what they are doing. They have instructions for everything from the very basic beginings (knit, purl, cast on/off) to complicated things like Faire Isle. They also have free patterns!

Grab a pair of size 7 or 8 needles and some super cheap-o clearance yarn to learn with..that is easiest!

Good luck...let me know if there is anything I can do to help!


hippos toes said...

I just can't keep the knitting thing going. I know how to knit, I'm just so afraid of making mistakes that I can't fix (no clue how to fix boo boos), that I can't pick up the needles :(

Becca said...

I started to learn how to knit once and I really want to pick it up again!